What is a Buzz Card®?

A CD ROM that combines text, photography, video, audio, and the Internet. It is cut in the shape of a standard business card, a mini-round disk, or a full-sized CD. The most common use of Buzz Cards® is supporting marketing, fund raising, and recruiting.

Buzz Cards® are often distributed with printed posters used as mailers, office decor, or matted and framed Buzz Card® Posters. A viewer might be attracted by the printed image, but they are blown away by the immersive experience published on the Buzz Card®.

Each label can be personalized with unique, individual information. This may include serial numbers, bar codes, seating information (ie. gate, row, seat) or client/donor names.

Since Buzz Cards® can be personalized, they serve as a highly targeted introduction to a product or service. What better way to thank a donor or client than to show the impact of their investment?

Lanyards are an innovative way to utilize Buzz Cards® at events. The surface of each Buzz Card® can be individually printed with unique bar codes, serial numbers, or photos. This allows the Buzz Card® to be used as back stage passes or general admission tickets. Moreover, the digital content on the Buzz Card® can contain information that is relevant to your event, such as maps, coupons and sponser links.

The patent-pending Buzz Card® Poster combines the best of the digital and physical worlds. It is a dramatic and eye-catching panoramic print, matted and framed, which is accented with a removable Buzz Card®. These are perfect as gifts of appreciation for major charity donors or mementos of an event.

Provide Buzz Cards® in postal mailers, making it easy to distribute your media on a large scale. Mailers are the ideal method for bulk distribution.

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