Founded in 1974, R. S. Gorham Space-Wise is an architecture firm focused on facility documentation and historic preservation. In 1999, the firm expanded with two new divisions: Virtual-Tour and Buzz-Card.

Virtual-Tour's specialty is digital content creation, i.e. documenting events, personalities and physical spaces through 360 spherical photography, still photography, video, floor plans, and audio recordings. (See an example)

Buzz-Card takes the content created by Virtual-Tour and distributes it in the form of specialized CD-ROMs called Buzz-Cards. These are powerful tools for recruiting, marketing and fundraising.

We are members of the American Society of Media Photographers, the International VR Photography Association and the American Institute of Architects. We are listed with General Services Administration to provide web support services to federal clients.

Our mission is to support clients with fund raising, marketing, and recruiting tools and to establish a market for printed panoramic posters.